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Chitown's Expanding Bike Network

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In an effort to shore up its bike-friendly status, the city of Chicago is creating a new protected bike lane on Dearborn Street in the Loop. Mayor Emanuel told the Sun-Times he hopes a robust network will increase Chicago's allure to employees from tech companies who'd rather commute via bicycle. “It will help us recruit the type of people that have been leaving for the coast. They will now come to the city of Chicago. The type of companies that have been leaving for the coast will stay in the city of Chicago.” The new lane on Dearborn will help to up the total miles of protected bike lanes from 22 to 33 and connect with the increasingly rabid Kinzie Street lane. As with other protected lanes, bicycle traffic will be located along the curb, with a buffer zone created by plastic pylons. No word yet on when work is set to begin. [Sun-Times]