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For $1.45M: Grand Evanston Home With Oval Sitting Room

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Set-back on an expansive 1/3-acre lot, this 6-bed mini-manse in Evanston really knows how to take center stage. The 116-year old home returned to the market in May after a two-year hiatus, this time with a dramatic $345K price drop in hand. But even that hasn't been enough to get the buyers to stand up and take notice. Judging by these interiors, we can't see what's holding 'em back. Take the boldly-designed bathroom outfitted with sleek black tile and a charming old school tub. You can also color us impressed by the grand, oval sitting room (eat your heart out, White House!). And how could we forget the ornate french doors with access to an outdoor terrace? Other highlights at the 5,200-square foot home include a fitness room, high ceilings, a whirpool, ceramic floors, walk-in closets, a rec room, four fireplaces, and plenty of foliage on the landscaped grounds. The ask? $1.45M.
·Listing:305 Greenleaf [@properties]