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Strange And Frightening Industrial Loft Finds A Suitor

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The travails of 330 N Ashland have reached an end, but the product remains as mysterious as ever. At last check, the massive converted industrial loft in the no-man's land of the Kinzie planned manufacturing district was asking $927K. That was less than half the original 2008 list price and was presumed to get you close to 10,000 square feet of schizo interiors. The numbers have shifted on us since: the place just sold for $535K but only advertises 4,500 square feet. Could there have been a giant miscalculation or a change in methodology? Or has the place been further subdivided? The photo gallery suggests an unchanged product. In any case, the whole world is thrilled to see this eccentricity off the market. It looks like it hosted its share of raves in the 90s, like you're stepping into the afterglow. The place boasts four bedrooms, four baths, 12' timber ceilings, a bulky metal floating staircase, exposed brick, freight elevator, full basement, roof deck, and a four-car garage. Good riddance (and congrats to the lucky buyer)!
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