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Lovely Hyde Park Fixer-Upper, Dating To 1875, Sheds $185K

Some strategies say make quick work of the blood letting and your listing may avoid painful languishing. That's probably the strategy applied to this vintage Hyde Park 5-bed, which has seen four substantive chops in seven months on the market. When we say vintage, we mean it. The home dates to 1875, one of the oldest around. It's also shaping up to be a wicked deal, despite wanting for updates and touchups. Don't mistake us, it's fully livable but also considerably shabby. Not shabby-chic, shabby-shabby. That's quite alright, because $515K buys you 3,300 square feet of living space with a host of vintage details, large front and back yards, and a five-car garage. The broker deemed it a good deal with lots of potential when first listed at $699,900. It's now 30% cheaper.
·Listing: 5478 S Greenwood Ave. [@properties]