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Basement Oasis In "Most Charming Row House Ever"

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Listed for $1.29M, this 4/4 home in East Lincoln Park has put in 200 days on the market without any takers. And we're inclined to think this gag-inducing bedroom isn't doing the place any favors. Ironically, this hovel belongs to the "most charming row house ever!" Imagine that! It looks like the inside of a cheap RV or some place you stash grandma and grandpa when they come for a visit. We can only imagine how relaxing it would be to lay in bed and stare up at the decrepitude a few feet above you. And the wooden duck is an interesting touch. Let's just say we won't be sleeping in this room anytime soon. Thankfully, the remainder of the house has charm enough to forgive the basement of its sins.
·Listing: 2237 N Cleveland [Baird & Warner]