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Big Reveal: $465K For An Exceptionally Airy Full-Floor Condo

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Well, this is embarrassing. While not the first time a PriceSpotter garnered exactly zero guesstimates, it's the first in a while. And it's not as if the property is a complete dud, although the pics may have been short of convincing. Let's see, some other convenient excuses... Hottest Brokers ate up your attention spans, y'all are vacationing, Lakeview is so 2011. OK, we feel better now. The 3/2 full-floor unit with 20' ceilings is asking $465K with monthly assessments of $344. That's right in line with expectations for the area. Do what you will with the info, no hard feelings.
·Guess the Ask on a Full-Floor Combo Unit w/ 20' Ceilings [Curbed Chicago]
·Listing: 735 W Waveland Ave. Unit G [D'Aprile Properties]