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Cornerspotted: The Wedgewood Hotel At Woodlawn & 64th

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Bravo! Another fine piece of detective work by our readers. The 11-story flatiron building depicted in a 1924 postcard was indeed The Wedgewood Hotel at the intersection of Woodlawn, 64th, and Minerva in the Woodlawn neighborhood. This site has a history of forlorn gems: the sparkling Woodlawn Club building (lost to fire) preceded The Wedgewood. And The Wedgewood preceded the patch of lawn that stands today. Demolished in 1988, the old hotel was designed by Lewis E. Russell, best known for his classical White Castle restaurants, a few of which are still standing. At one time, the hotel was owned in part by Jesse Owens and sported big wig residents like Joe Louis and Minnie Minoso. The El Rukn gang, an islamic faction of the Black P. Stone Nation, was the hotel's last owner. We're unsure if that affiliation contributed to its untimely demolition. The area was certainly in a hard way back in the 80s, probably worse than today. Will we ever see a building like this again in the general vicinity? Chances aren't good.
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