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CTA Tracker

Patrick Barry, writing for the blog CTA Station Watch, makes some informed ponderances on the composition of a rebuilt Wilson Red Line station. Acting on reliable intel from a CTA spokesperson that points to a springtime construction start and the demolition of two below-track buildings, Barry shows how the new station components may coalesce into a spectacular and desirable train station. The CTA is expected to make Wilson a Red-Purple transfer station, remodel the historic 1920s station house, and stretch the platform to Sunnyside (for all your stop-and-go Target and Aldi needs). Various other concepts have been advanced over the last couple years, including a French Market in the station and a soundstage to slow people down and reinforce the fledgling notion of an Uptown live music district. All of this, one would think, should fit the $200M project budget. At the very least, in a couple years' time, no one will be able to give Wilson the 'crusty' crown. [CTA Station Watch, previously]