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'Traditional Mediterranean' Home Continues Its Rough Go

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Those long-time Curbed readers may recall this Lakeview anomaly from a That's Rather Hideous write-up in December 2010. At the time, the wacko 4-bed billed as a "traditional Mediterranean design" had been on and off the market for close to four years. We had no reason to expect another year-and-a-half would make a difference. And, sure enough, here we are giving the townhome more than its due. But hey, there has been a $650K price cut, which almost renders the ask sensible. Starting out at $2.8M in a much more robust market, the price has come all the way down to $1.699M. While we're guilty of ridiculing the home's exterior, we're more at peace with the interiors which exhibit some fun eccentricities (namely, the bathrooms). There's also a number of outdoor spaces and a neat sun room/hallway. OK, it's up to you. Does this mixed bag continue to languish?
·Listing: 2965 N Sheridan Rd. [Prudential Rubloff]
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