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1870 Home Rebuilt With Great Vision Asks $2,600 In Rent

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Rent this sucker. Now. Counterintuitive advice? Sure. But it's not a blanket recommendation. It's simply that, as a buyer, this is the sort of find you might hold out for for years. Why? Because it's too cool and too personal to let go of for good. To have a crack at renting this stylishly-revamped 1870 house for $2,600/month might be as good as it gets. Measuring 1,200 square feet with one bed and two baths, it's not cheap for its size. However, the architect-owned and gut-renovated home is delightful on many counts. There's the floating custom staircase zigzagging its way through the living room, a glut of built-in shelving, numerous elegant symmetries and blending of materials, a shower open to the elements (all the rage these days), a cubicle-like sunroom affixed to the back of the house, and a patio and yard. The rental also includes a one-car garage and in-house laundry. Renting direct from owner on a year lease, if the place lives up to the photos expect folks to be clamoring for it.
·Listing: 2734 N Marshfield Ave. [Zillow]