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Golub Makes Assertive Alterations To South Loop Apt Project

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Golub & Co and Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) have been engaged in a conceptual workout over a proposed South Loop apartment tower. Golub has recently filed more comprehensive materials with the city, and the new product has some pretty dramatic alterations. As Michel Wilkinson of SCB told the Gazette back in May in reference to the earlier rendering, "this is a very conceptual, computer generated drawing". Looking at the new one, the west-facing facade still squares itself to State Street, but the reverse side is now quite curvaceous. The proposal is entering a critical stage in its review and approval process, but Golub doesn't plan on breaking ground until late next year. Apart from the pretty pictures, here's what we know: the 39-story building expects to have 396 luxury apartments, roughly 250 parking spaces, a boat load of amenities, modest 'green' ambitions, and a $121M price tag. High rents of around $2.70/sf—perhaps the South Loop's highest—will certainly help recoup costs. And if the downtown rental market stays as tight and high-powered as it is today, filling the units shouldn't be too arduous a task.
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