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Adventures in Marketing

Wishing to retire the deeply-ingrained moniker "The Purple Hotel", architect Koo and Associates is attempting to crowdsource a new name, something "mid-century and fresh" if that makes the slightest sense. To remind, Lincolnwood's infamous Purple Hotel is about to undergo a significant mixed-use transformation under the tutelage of Skokie-based Weiss Properties. It'll go the 'boutique' route and add about 40,000 sf of retail. Taking to Facebook yesterday, Koo and Associates opened the channels for public input on the attempted rebranding. Some highlights, thus far: "The Byzantine"; "The Amethyst Mod"; "The Concord"; "Hotel Vino"; "The UltraViolet"; and, "El Morado". Prospective names will be forwarded to the developer's branding team, where the pros work their magic. If you ask us, as long as the thing is still purple, the name sticks. [WBEZ, previously]