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Slick Single Family Factory Conversion Gets $2.25M In L.P.

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Many a pocket-sized factory inhabit now-prosperous residential communities around town. In Lincoln Park, they've contributed some variety to the housing stock: small and mid-sized loft buildings offer a different character and price point than the elegant row and freestanding homes, and some older generation cottages. Once in a while, though, you'll get something like 2520 N Lakewood: a factory-turned-mansion that outstrips just about everything around it. We wrote up this whimsical contemporary conversion in May, when it first hit the market for $2.45M. You can take it off your shopping list, because it was just sold for $2.25M. That's cheaper than some luxury new-builds in the neighborhood, and, with its amazing spaces, five bedrooms, towering ceilings, catwalks, protruding skylights, and series of outdoor spaces, you can see why it stood no chance of languishing. Head-to-toe renovation brought the home's springtime ask to 250% of its 2004 sale price. As it turns out, there's nothing absurd about that.
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