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What's On The Market Right Now In Avondale?

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Piloting through the humble yet evolving streets of Avondale, it'd be easy enough to form a greatest hits list of Under $300K properties. That's pretty much what we've got here today, without even trying. There are a couple slightly more expensive picks, but they both read as pretty good values in an area that some say is poised to be the next Logan (we're not sold yet). It's true the neighborhood is getting more outside attention due to Logan-proximity and pilgrimage-inducing restaurants like Kuma's Corner, Hot Doug's, and Chief O'Neil's Pub. But among it's major handicaps are the expressway's persistent interference and a lack of green space. For all you big believers, here's a small starter set of attainable properties in Avondale:

2705 W Nelson St.
The Ask: $299,500
The Skinny: This 4/2 frame home is one of the few places listed below $300K that doesn't abut the expressway. So it's got that going for it. A simple structure interchangeable with many in the 'hood, the interiors have been renovated to include new hardwoods, kitchen, rear deck, and a finished basement. It's also got central air and strategic siting between Elston's big boxes and Belmont's gastro finds.

3963 W Belmont Ave #101
The Ask: $176,500
The Skinny: One of three listed units in the friggin' colossal Florsheim Shoe Company Lofts at the western edge of Avondale, this 2/1 is far and away the most tempting. The super-high concrete ceilings are joined by exposed brick trim, huge window, and hardwoods. Price includes parking and the $200 monthly assessment covers door staff, fitness center, and rooftop deck use. Not bad.

3120 N Sacramento Ave.
The Ask: $419,000
The Skinny: Our priciest pick is also the newest to the neighborhood and the least of it. That's because SmartTech is building these formulaic energy-efficient homes throughout the city. But Avondale is a good place to snatch one for a reasonable price. The product looks a lot like that of Noah Properties, inside and out: the bright linear floorplan, modern appliances, floating staircase, snazzy basement spaces, and quilted glassy facade. Take this familiarity and add a laundry list of green features and you have SmartTech.

3228 N Whipple St.
The Ask: $140,000
The Skinny: This short sale 4/3 is in fine shape, though it may have a couple more bedrooms than a 700-square-foot home ought to have. However you manage that, know that there's a good sized yard with a remarkably-attractive treehouse (had us thinking in-laws at first). And the location is good: just off Belmont and close (but not too close) to the Blue Line and expressway.

The Ask: $399,000
The Skinny: We had to throw this in because it happens to sit on the riverfront. A surprisingly lovely stip of riverwalk joins in as respite from the always dingy North Branch. Whether or not you plan on utilizing the waterway, at least you can count on the relative calm it transmits. The townhome itself belongs to the Belmont River Club and is the largest floorplan available at 3-beds and 2.5-baths. Fixtures are ho-hum but certainly tolerable. Just watch out for river rats.