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Prentice Ignored By Landmarks Commission

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And the Prentice Hospital saga continues. Over at ArchitectureChicago Plus, Lynn Becker is sounding the alarm on the Commission on Chicago Landmarks' failure at yesterday's meeting to save Prentice Hospital from the wrecking ball. Inaction by City Hall comes despite a vocal chorus of support from the Save Prentice Coalition, which includes a who's who of the world's architects. Others, including Landmarks Illinois and even media outlets such as the Sun-Times, have also taken up the cause to protect the brutalist gem, designed by Marina City architect Bertrand Goldberg. While their pleas may fall on deaf ears for now, the movement in support of Prentice is vowing to press on. And if Prentice is ultimately demolished, at least it didn't go down without a fight, unlike so many other architectural treasures in this city. [ArchitectureChicago Plus, previously]