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Lagrange-Designed Lincoln Park 2520 Nearly Complete

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Stretching an entire city block on Lakeview between Deming and St. James, the hulking Lincoln Park 2520 building is impossible to ignore. The 39-floor, 377-foot tall tower is closing in on completion. The below-ground parking structure is done, making way for a series of five mega-homes that will line Deming. But work still continues on the ornate mansard roof. Designed by Lucien Lagrange, amenities at the building include a 1.25 acre private park complete with a repurposed cathedral left over from the old Columbus Hospital, fitness center, indoor pool, steam/sauna room, and valet parking. Residents will also have access to the swanky Lincoln Park 2520 Club Lounge, which features a catering kitchen, a private movie theater, and a billiards/game room. We'll make sure to stop by and grab more pics once this sucker is officially done.
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Lincoln Park 2520

2520 North Lakeview Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 Visit Website