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Pre-Fire Calamity On Large Irving Park Lot Lists For $350K

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In "the heart of Old Irving Park" sits this mangled but long-enduring frame house. Dating to 1858, it's in the select company of surviving pre-Fire structures, whether or not it has been given the select treatment. It survived the fire, but now faces a whole new distress— neglectful deterioration. There's no doubt the home needs heavy duty rehab—and for the plants, pruning—but at least the structure seems to be holding. There's an opportunity to tear down and build new, if chosen, but doing that would be a low down dirty shame in our book. Wondering what justifies an ask in the mid-300s? Probably the size of the lot: 50' x 158'. Plenty of intact Old Irving properties don't even command such a price. But it is an ancient home (by Chicago standards) on a very handsome lot. Weighing in at 2,274 square feet with four bedrooms and two baths, the home's got enough size for most folks too. So who's up to the challenge?
·Listing: 3846 N Keeler Ave. [New Century Real Estate]