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Comment of the Day

"I don't know, I don't really mind this one so much. Eyesore of the decade should go to The Ritz. At least 2520 has decent massing and the base seems to use better material than the precast above, plus it's out of the way, brings some much needed density to Lincoln Park and thickens up the skyline further north. The Ritz on the other hand...I'm not going to go into it, we all know it's faults by now. Is 2520 meh architecture? Probably. It certainly has its faults. I would have like to have seen the mansard roof continued on the lower portions, black window frames instead of the Home Depot white, the massive blank wall on the back would have looked better with some blind windows if you ask me. Overall I'd say one of Lagrange's less offensive designs, I know that's not saying much, but tragically we're forced to lower our standards with this guy." —IntrepidChicago [Lagrange-Designed Lincoln Park 2520 Nearly Complete]