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Renovated 6-Bed Queen Anne Lists for $1.7M in Evanston

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This next listing takes us to Michigan Ave. No, not that Michigan Ave, the considerably more subdued version north of the border in Evanston. It's here on a woodsy boulevard that this 118-year old Queen Anne is on the market for $1.7M. Quite the seductress, the enchanting wood-frame home sits prettily amidst a thicket of dense trees. Her interiors have been "extensively renovated" and feature rich woodwork and elaborate moldings. The spacious kitchen, with dramatic, coffered ceilings and updated goodies opens up nicely to a backyard patio. We also spied a 3rd floor library and fully-finished basement. The 6-bed/4.5-bath home also features hardwood floors, high ceilings, 2.5 car garage, soapstone fireplace, large front porch, and professional landscaping. And the place is just a few blocks from Burnham Shores Park.
·Listing: 1217 Michigan Ave [Lakeshore Partners]