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Curbed's Hottest Broker Contest: Round One- Men

In the closing segment of Hottest Brokers Round One, we're lining up two more gents of the real estate biz, Tony Giamberduca and Seth Captain. That's right, Captain. Of Captain Realty, an eccentric but legit brokerage (just check out the testimonials). It's utterly ridiculous, but then so are we a lot of the time.

Seth entertained a few of our probing questions:

What's your best advice for buyers/renters?

Don't worry too much if you lose the apartment/house of your dreams. Finding another place is like dating. You breakup. You think life is over. You spend too much time listening to Morrisey and hanging out in your corner liquor store. Then, when you least expect it, you meet somebody else.

Funniest anecdote from life as a broker?

At least 300 hundred of 'em. They are all photo documented with captions on my blog:

If you had another career prior to entering real estate, tell us a little about it.

I was an entertainment host on Celebrity Cruise Lines. What? It was my job to host belly flop contests, dance with sugar mommas, lead the macarena, call Bingo, and imbibe with passengers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

We don't have this kind of rundown on Tony, unfortunately. But we can tell you he's got great hair and a job with Coldwell Banker. It's mostly all about the hair anyway, right?

Alright, unleash the votes!

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