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Development Update: Is Pete's Nearing Construction?

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Lesson learned: groundbreakings ain't everything. If they were, construction on the Pete's Fresh Market at Madison & Western would've commenced five or six months ago. Instead, following the routine Aldermanic pomp of February's groundbreaking ceremony, the large vacant plot has collected nothing but new weeds. For whatever reason, it took two-and-a-half years for the city to cobble together bits of land and alleyways to form the development site. And it took until Friday for Pete's to land building permits. The reason, according to Ald. Bob Fioretti: uncooperative bureaucracies. Alas, at least things finally seem primed for the 55,000-square-foot store and strip mall. We won't call it the best use of central urban land, but it's a definite shot in the arm for neighborhood services. Hopefully we'll see action while the weather is good. [Chicago Journal, previously]