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Curbed's Hottest Broker Contest: Round One- Women

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Our other pairing on the women's half of the Hottest Broker bracket is a flashback to last year: Elizabeth August is again taking on Brooke Epley. The first time around, voting was extremely tight, with the edge going to Elizabeth. Both @properties agents, your choice this time around could either alter the balance of power in the workplace or consolidate it.

Elizabeth just closed the book on her first decade at @properties, working as a consultant. According to her professional profile, she "loves to share her appreciation of everything the Chicago lifestyle has to offer". We'll assume that means the beachy North Side existence. Elizabeth previously worked as a media planner for the prestigious advertising agency Leo Burnett. Addressing all buyers and renters: "This is your time! Great deals and rates."

Brooke is in her 5th year with @properties, also as a consultant. She previously worked the Indiana market and has strong family ties to real estate (her mother and grandfather were both brokers). Oh, and she runs marathons. So all the running around for clients is probably nothing more than a training regimen.

Alright, cast away!

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