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Broad Shoulders In Motor Row

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Eater Chicago is reporting, by way of Crain's, that Broad Shoulders Brewing has garnered some hefty TIF support—$628K of it, to be precise. This means that, while delayed from its original summertime opening target, the promising Motor Row magnet is still alive and well. As you can see from this late-July photo, the building at 2337 S. Michigan Ave is being revamped and readied for new revelries. As an anchor for development interests in the worn-down district, the brewery hopes to draw in conventioneers and other regular folk to help with revitalization. Here's what's on tap: the brewery will come equipped with a tavern and retail section for stocking up on growlers and sixers. But hold your horses, the project still needs the full City Council to sign off on the TIF deal. [Eater Chicago, photo: facebook]