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Curbed's Hottest Broker Contest: Round One- Men

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Lest the strapping young men of real estate feel alienated, here's the front half of the men's side of the Hottest Broker bracket. We actually garnered more male nominees than female, so we had to whittle the field down to the four who were most amped up. Before you today: Ryan O'Rourke and Dan Delaney. Real estate is Ryan's "first real job", but he majored in it at DePaul. How many brokers can claim that kind of committment so early on? He gleefully works the North Side and North Shore for Coldwell Banker. Advice for buyers? "Have lots of money and pay your bills on time." Strangest day on the job? "I walked into an apartment and there was someone sleeping in the bed. After unsuccessfully making some noise to try to wake her [I] started yelling, no progress. I figured she was dead and started freaking out. got the police on the line, and 30 seconds later she pops up in bed, screams, and I fell over scared."

Dan is the managing broker and founder of Dwell Chicago, a rental service in business since 2010. We're sure he's got his hands full, so it's swell that he chose to play along. Also young in his career, Dan worked a brief stint as an auction house manager in the South Loop prior to Dwell. His advice for renters in a tight and appreciating rental market: "Be prepared. Good apartments don't stay on the market for very long. To ensure you're first in line make sure to have application information, copies of your photo ID, two most recent pay stubs, and your checkbook handy when looking at apartments." As for crazy encounters, he once found "a woman showering naked in her back yard with a hose. Unfortunately it didn't help close the deal."

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