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Collision of Art, Furniture & Wallpaper Secure This Condo's Awesomeness

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We teetered between awesome and hideous for awhile with this one, eventually settling on AWESOME because it's important to have a soft spot for kitsch in this cruel world. Sadly, not all of the mesmerizing camp will stay with the property. So relish the photos of aspirin-backed dining room chairs, a gallery featuring a sculpted mer-snail, and the chocolate heart box wall piece. Thankfully, some of the razzle-dazzle is built right in, but you'll be forced to reconcile the clashtasticness in your own way. The vintage 5-bed condo is a full-floor unit with four en-suite bedrooms, parquet floors, twin galleries with cathedral ceilings, modern appliances, a rapturous master bath, billiards room, and private elevator service. The 1929 Streeterville building throws in a rooftop deck and fitness room. Not too shabby for $1.09M, but we're betting the steep HOA of $2,916/month does something to temper the ask.
·Listing: 222 E Chestnut St. Unit 13 [Dream Town via Estately]