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53rd-Floor Condo In 340 On The Park Sells For $2.1M

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What makes this three-bed condo in 340 On The Park stand out from the rest of the pack? In a word: views. The 53rd floor unit has the good fortune to just barely clear the Blue Cross & Blue Shield building, endowing it with some incredible wrap-around views of the skyline, Grant Park, and the lakefront. We're inclined to believe its spectacular perch had something to do with it being quickly snagged by a buyer for $2.1M. Inside, a seemingly endless procession of floor-to-ceiling windows renders the place open and airy. The master bed is blissfully enveloped by lake views and has easy access to one of the home's two balconies. The 2,400-square foot abode also features ten-foot ceilings, bamboo floors, quartz countertops, walk-in pantry, and upgraded cabinetry.
·Listing: 340 E Randolph, Unit 5301 [Magellan Realty LLC]