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Plain Jane New-Build Surprises With Heated Indoor B-Ball Court

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While Mangan Builders puts the finishing touches on this Lincoln Square 5-bed, they're dangling only the juiciest tidbits before the marketplace. The amenity which differentiates this home from other oversized new-builds is front and center— a garage outfitted for basketball. As you can see it's not a rinky dink paste-on job, but a full fledged heated indoor half court. There's 15' ceilings, proper hardwoods with markings, and Brazilian colors to help get you focused on the 2016 Games. What of the actual house, you ask? Well, we can't tell you what the interiors look like. We only hope they're more electrifying than the exterior. Raw stats are as follows: five beds; three-and-a-half baths; master suite with heated floors and a walk-in closet; "award winning" kitchen; foyer; covered rear porch; wet bar; exercise room; wood-burning fireplace; and, a generous backyard. Sell the car and get those hoops parties started, the Montrose Brown Stop is just a few blocks away. Priced at $1.395M by an experienced luxury home developer, we don't expect it to languish.
·Listing: 2104 W Sunnyside Ave. [Northside Properties, LLC]
·Official Site: Mangan Builders