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Curbed's Hottest Broker Contest: Round One- Women

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Greetings from the August doldrums! Have we got a fancy preoccupation for you— two weeks of Curbed's silly, sexy, Hottest Broker action! Leading off the eight-person bracket competition are Amanda Horan and Heidi Anderson. Amanda is a leasing agent at Dwell Chicago, and has prior broker experience with GNP Realty. She also works as a Sales Exec at Chicago Title Insurance Company. Hmm... hottest insurers would be at least as controversial as hottest brokers. Food for thought.

Heidi is a real estate agent for @properties with 10 years of experience. From her profile: "I also became an architectural photographer and an innovative storyteller. I combined every lesson learned as an entrepreneur, designer and geek with one single goal in mind... to help you start your next chapter." From an email exchange, pertinent tips: "Buyers— set aside enough money to complete the design of your space right away. Paint, furniture, artwork, etc... Hire an interior designer if you need help. You will need to do it before selling anyway and might as well enjoy it. Renters— live as far below your means as possible while renting to save up a down payment to buy." And, an amusing anecdote from the trade: "I had a listing agent come to our showing wearing her bathrobe. She lived in the same building as her listing and apparently didn't feel the need to put on actual clothing for our showing. Nothing surprises me anymore." Armed with infill, who's the hottest, most arresting broker?

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