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4-Bed Unit Up For Grabs In Maher-Designed Kenwood 3-Flat

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Just coming on line at the Kenwood/Hyde Park border is this 4/3 condo in a George Washington Maher-designed 3-flat. This ain't the Erwin House, and it sure ain't the nearby 'Poppy' House, but it's still part of the oeuvre of a Prairie master. Possessing roughly the same square footage as this other Maher home six blocks North, it's listed for nearly $200K more than that single family's sale price. In other words, we're not here to kiss ass— just wanted to fill you in. This unit does have advantages over the others: namely that the backyard and garage are deeded to its owner. Measuring 3,700 square feet, the space has original woodwork, a decorative fireplace, and a host of extra rooms for sitting, sunning, exercising, and working. The partially-finished basement supplies some of these extra functions. All-in-all, an interesting place but lacking cohesion. The ask? $499K.
·Listing: 5024 S Ellis Ave. [Redfin]