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Butchered Duplex In Burnham-built Greystone Asks $119K

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Few things chafe us as bad as an insensitive renovation. Granted, with the quantity of drywall and carpet in this duplex condo, there must've been little left of the original Daniel Burnham interiors when work commenced 10 years ago. But you're still looking at a complete butchery of a space that lent some interesting room shapes, at the very least. You'd think there would've been a way to better exploit that fact. And how about some decent materials and lighting? This 2,000-square-foot 2/2 duplex down does have some hardwoods to counterbalance the drab bedroom carpeting. It's also got an eat-in kitchen, whirlpool tub, and in-unit laundry. Returning to market after a bargain basement sale earlier this month for $50K, the condo's now asking $119K w/ assessments of $346/month. Immensely attainable, but is this any way to treat a Burnham-designed Greystone mansion?
·Listing: 4545 S Drexel Blvd. Unit 1A [Baird & Warner]