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Development Watch: Motor Row

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It's recognizable by many names: Motor Row, Music Row, Record Row, Motor Row Entertainment District Chicago— a popularity contest of sorts between competing histories and visions for the future. Despite the total failure of past plans for the district anchored at Michigan and 23rd, there seems to be more promise in Cheap Trick's present one. City Council's rezoning of the area to allow for late-night venues and clubs at least shows the plan has allies. And now, via the Sun-Times, that plan has been better articulated. Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Neilsen and Landmark America CEO Pam Gleichman spoke with Dave Hoekstra, giving strong indication of their cooperation in bringing a 350-seat music venue to an empty lot, and transforming the Cadillac and Rambler showrooms into a hotel and jazz club, respectively. Touristy though the area might become, it would at least resurrect a dose of a fabulous musical past, where great bluesmen and rockers frolicked. [Sun-Times]