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The Best Shopping in Chicago; Spicy Bow Ties at Drumbar; Storecasting for Men; More!

And now the latest from the intrepid shoppers at Racked Chicago, reporting on retail from the sidewalks up...

EVERYWHERE - Each quarter we drop a map of the most essential shops and best boutiques in Chicago. This week it happened. May we present to you, the newest edition of The Racked 38.

SOMEWHERE - San Francisco-based mens lifestyle superstore and lounge, On the Fly is about to kick it into expansion mode. Next up, perhaps Chicago?

GOLD COAST - You all know the spiciest rooftop in the city right now is Drumbar. And the boys behind the bar in the bow ties match in spiciness. Do we owe it to the uniforms?

ROSCOE VILLAGE - Bet you you didn't know that Buddy Lee Tweedie, the sweetest store sidekick on Roscoe, at Roscoe Village Bikes has his own fan club... with a twist.