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Clash of Generations Doesn't Impact Sale Of 1874 Cottage

The incoming owners of this 140-year-old Old Town cottage are getting quite a live canvass to work with. Thankfully, they were able to see past the present furnishings to a very interesting modern redo of a charming Victorian. Beginning with slide 2, the clumsy mismatch of flowery furnishings and angular contemporary interiors makes itself abundantly clear. Maybe you find the renovations themselves rather garish. We understand that feeling, but they've made the home immensely livable, with an open floor plan, several skylights, french doors opening to a back deck, a statuesque fireplace, upper-floor balcony, and a sprawling basement w/ rec room, wet bar, and additional bedrooms. Total living space comes to 3,600 square feet— far larger than it was in the olden days. First listed for $1.125M last summer, sale closed this week for $1.05M.
·Listing: 1807 N Sedgwick St. [Koenig & Strey]