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Nouveau English Manor, Once Home to Jim McMahon, Returns At Nearly Twice Its '09 Sale Price

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UPDATE: The Tribune's Bob Goldsborough spoke with owner Rick Eisen, who indicated that he has two homes on the market and "whichever one doesn't sell is the one we'll keep".

With the aid of a trusted tipster, we've learned that a Northbrook mansion once owned by former Bears QB Jim McMahon has returned to market three years after McMahon offloaded it to a neighbor for $2.85M. The shocker? The new owners are fishing for $5.454M, with an extra 3/4-acre thrown in to sweeten the deal. The property's new acreage is 3.18, up from 2.38 when McMahon sold it. Still, such extreme price-upping points to new confidence in the market while underlining the bad timing of the prior sale. Without a doubt, this is a legitimate mansion: five bedrooms, nine baths, and a reported 15,000 square feet. A 2009 Tribune article covering the prior sale had the square footage at 9,626, which remains the number in public records. However, significant updating has occurred over the past couple years so the new number probably reflects finished living spaces.

Speaking of updates, the owners have piled on new and snazzy materials throughout the home. The kitchen and master bath look especially new, while maintaining a conservative demeanor. That's the thing with this place, it's so staid and refined that all the outlandish amenities—pool, theater, indoor basketball/raquetball/hockey court—seem oddly beholden to such a controlled environment. In addition to all this, there's a thousand other specialized rooms, four fireplaces, a sauna, wet bar, and a four-car garage. Not bad if you enjoy the company of country clubs (we count no less than six within a two-mile radius).
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