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Will CHA Buy Chicago Lights Urban Farm?

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In a potential deal with the CHA, Fourth Presbyterian could get the construction cash infusion it so greatly desires by selling its half-acre Chicago Lights farm at 444 W. Chicago Ave. That amounts to a "betrayal of trust" with the neighborhood, in the mind of former Fourth Presby board member Deborah Mitchell. By our inference, an expansion of Cabrini Green replacement housing doesn't exactly thrill the neighborhood (as the CHA keeps piling up parcels). But the good news for the church and the farm is the more-than-likely slow undertaking of development, and thus, a continuation of farming. When we first caught wind of the church's plans back in February, they were out to get roughly $3M in any way possible, but with the sincere hope of renting back the land for ongoing use. Mind you, there's no confirmation that this deal is on. [Skyline, previously]