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A Look At What's In Store For Old Children's Hospital Site

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Last Friday, we brought you an in-depth play-by-play of the latest meeting on the Children's Memorial Hospital redevelopment. As promised, Ald. Michele Smith (43rd) has made the presentation available on her site. And that means we can all see just how things are gonna shake out at the sprawling Lincoln Park site. The rendering we chose as the cover shot is the view looking south from the intersection of Halsted/Lincoln/Fullerton. While the towers are modern and tall enough given neighborhood pressure, their simple, boxy shapes don't really get our blood pumping. But this isn't the final plan, so there's still room for some nips and tucks going forward, though we don't expect any dramatic changes this late in the game. Overall, the project strikes a good balance between added density and historic preservation. And, if successful, it will add a ton of new retail to the area. See you at the next meeting!
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