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Neighbor Reacts To 'Dead Cement' On Magnolia Avenue

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Sometimes an especially long or conspicuous period of languishing will draw the neighborhood critics. One very unsatisfied customer wrote us to complain about this vacant contemporary new-build on her block of Magnolia Ave in Lincoln Park, firing a string of digs against the architecture and pricing:

First of all, it looks like a piece of dead cement sitting on our block. There is a red flyer wagon sitting out front at all times, even though the house is empty and devoid of people... the wagon shows it's family friendly??? With all those edges and dead space, I wouldn't want to bring my kids there. For such an expensive home, they can't get anyone to decently stage the place? It looks so sterile. Modern in a bad way- we HATE the finishes shown on the inside. What is with all of that wood paneling on the walls, and then other rooms just have white walls? What are the walls in the bathroom??? Huuuuh? Whoever thought up these finishes was cray-cray. Yowsa! We agree the staging is a little noncommittal. After two-and-a-half years on the market, wouldn't you think to haul in some furnishings or at least floral touches to stave off stagnation? As for the other critiques, an awful lot of emotion is involved. Guess it helps to have lived beside this "dead cement" for a healthy span.

The 2009 construction does try to separate itself from assembly-line new builds, with mixed results. The kitchen is a little outlandish, and the wood paneling tends toward the cheap. But the floorplan, central staircase atrium, and individual rooms are very agreeable, as are the bathrooms and outdoor deck spaces. Clocking in at 6,000 square feet, the 5-bed home also has high ceilings throughout, a number of fireplaces, and a 4-car heated garage. On the question of price, $2.899M does seem a little steep (down from a high of $3.2M), but it is Lincoln Park so you'd think if you hold out long enough a serious buyer will come along.
·Listing: 2643 N Magnolia Ave. [d'aprile realty]