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Arrested Developments

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The colorful saga of the, well, colorful parking structure at Devon & Rockwell is nowhere near conclusion. It hasn't been big in the news since last fall, but nine years into a relatively straightforward endeavor to transform a decommissioned parking structure into a mixed-use entity, only the parking aspect is operational. None of the planned 30 apartment units are finished, and there's no public plaza, as once envisioned. WBEZ has done well to trail the slimy dealings plaguing the development. As it stands, there's a new owner who seems suspiciously close to the old bankrupt owner. Some are crying fraud, some are numb to the dysfunction, and others just want progress already! But it seems the city is mulling its options in reclaiming some of the TIF moneys allocated to the old developer, which he applied to god knows what. Could be ages before the mixed-use promise is realized. [WBEZ, previously]