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Museum Quality Gold Coast Gaudy Sells For $1.55M

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We're not pooh-poohing the unit as a whole or detracting from the buyer's right to happiness, but we thought you should know of the special hideousness that looms high over Lake Shore Drive. On sale for the first time since its building went up over 40 years ago, there's some justification for being behind the times. But it's hard to fathom quite so many wallpaper clashes in one 4-bed condo. It's a war zone from the foyer to the kitchen, the dining room to the bedroom. The parquet floors don't do much to tamp it down, either. The 3,450-square-foot 23rd floor unit does have astounding lake and city views and a constellation of small east and west-facing balconies. And, while we dig some individual pieces of furniture, as a whole they're as jumbled as the unit's colors. Thankfully, it officially sold this week for $1.55M so there's no risk in turning folks off to it.
·Listing: 1212 N Lake Shore Drive, Unit 23AN-BN [Coldwell Banker]