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CityTarget Takes the Loop; 5 of the Hottest Trainers; Brian Merel Stripping Down; More!

And now the latest from the intrepid shoppers at Racked Chicago, reporting on retail from the sidewalks up...

LOOP - This week the nation's very first CityTarget opened to the public. From the preview, to petting the Target dog to the very first minutes of opening and the almond croissants, we were there to capture the future of retail, every step of the way.

EVERYWHERE - We've been seeking out the fittest of the fit and the best bodies in Spandx. With the Olympics on the horizon, we've started our Hottest Fitness Trainers contest with five of the most sweltering instructors in the city.

THE POOL - It's been pretty hot lately, which is why we're spending a lot of time at the pool. Last weekend we saw none other than chef Brian Merel, from Gordon Ramsay's TV show, Hell's Kitchen strutting his by the pool. With a little egging on, we got him to strip down and show us what exactly he wears to go swimming...

WICKER PARK / BUCKTOWN - Akira celebrated their 10th anniversary with a fashion camel named Eli. The camel wasn't the only one there though, there was Mindy the monkey and Danny the donkey and a big yellow snake giving out kisses. There was food and drinks and revelry in classic Akira style which not only reinforced that Akira knows how to trow a party, but proved that the brand is here to stay and is only getting larger.