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For $750K: 3-Bed Unit In Award-Winning Miller-Hull Building

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Tucked away on a rather dull stretch of Superior between Wells and LaSalle is 156 W. Superior, a true diamond-in-the-rough. The award-winning 9-story gem from Miller-Hull makes up for what it lacks in height with a bold, modern design featuring a deft interplay of glass and steel elements. Listed as high as $1.4M, the ask for this 3-bed unit has plunged nearly 50 percent to $750K! The 1,600-square foot interiors manage an open feel and get their share of sun thanks to a southern exposure and an unbroken wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. While the exposed concrete floors really add to the pure modernity, they may not be the most ideal living surface. These ultra-mod digs can also claim granite countertops, SS-apps, custom closets, limestone baths, and free parking. And there's also a balcony, but with this being the 2nd floor it's best suited for eavesdropping.
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