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Cornerspotted: State At Van Buren Prior To The Opening Of The Red Line Subway

It's time we give a big hand to our readership— y'all know your corners! All nine commenters pinpointed the site correctly: State Street, looking north from Van Buren. And one reader was kind enough to extrapolate from the hint given for the benefit of fellow readers. "Big changes afoot" does indeed translate to "a new subway underfoot'', evidenced by the under-construction entrances bearing Navy ads. The bulk of Red Line tunneling and station construction had been completed by the time this photo was snapped, in 1942. Surface roads were about to be given over fully to the automobile. *Sigh* They could've at least made the stations less dreary. The building on the right is the former Goldblatt's flagship store, now DePaul's downtown campus. And to the left is the new Pritzker Park at the foot of the El and Harold Washington library, and the John Marshall Law School just beyond. Readers correctly pegged all three.
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