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ReBranding Run Amok

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What's the simplest, least expensive, and laziest way to transform the 'Rust Belt' image that clings to Chicago and its neighbors like a hang nail? By ushering in the most unlikely of brandings: henceforth, we are to be known as the 'Fresh Coast'. But wait, isn't that what the hip hop community already calls the West Coast from time to time? Well, either way Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is running with it. But he's gonna have to persuade other cities to sign on. Barrett's pitch to the civic and business crowd at yesterday's regional planning meeting was well received, although there was at least one dissenter. Marketing exec Debra Vilchis used her expertise to skewer the term: "I think it's soap or deodorant. Fresh is not a word to describe a region or an area. And, it sounds too much like French toast." Zing. [WBEZ]