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Duplex Live/Work Unit Springs Big Attic Space On Renters

This is kind of an anything-goes rental opportunity. Treat it as currently conceived: a live/work duplex with a lovely unfinished attic and soaring ceilings. Or, add some more improvised comforts for two levels of living space. No matter what, you'll be in temporary possession of some seriously badass quarters. Let's start with the first level: it exhibits plenty of artistic playfulness itself, with partial wood panelling, random changes in flooring, sky blue kitchen counters, and minimal furnishings to free up the limited space. The upper floor is certainly meant for spending long hours, with its art studio skylights, minimum 15' ceiling height, makeshift plywood flooring, and large windows onto the backyard patio. If it were us, we'd gladly make do with what's already here. Asking $2,850/month for two bedrooms, two baths, and 1,300 square feet, you're paying somewhat of a premium for oddness and for location— in the heart of the Armitage shopping district.
·Listing: 847 W Armitage Ave. #1 [Koenig & Strey]