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Developer Plans 15-Unit Rental Building At Western & Cortland

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We'd noticed a rendering floating around for a buildable site at Western & Cortland, but it appeared at first to be a concept drawing for the marketing of the property to developers. Just today, however, Skyscraper Page use Ardecila steered us to yesterday's filing of a zoning amendment application with the city. Applicant and owner, Bart Przyjemski, is looking to change the zoning of three vacant lots from RS-3 (SF detached) and RT-4 (two-flat, townhouse, multi-unit) to B2-2 Neighborhood Mixed-Use. Within the new parameters, Przyjemski proposes three 3-story structures with a total of 15 rental units, two ground-floor retail spaces, and 16 parking spots. That fails to maximize the height and density allowances, but is still an improvement over what existing zoning would permit.

Evident in the rendering is just how transit-oriented the development will be: you basically roll right off the El and into your apartment. Given such extreme proximity, we would have hoped for a couple more floors. Commenters on Skyscraper Page are thinking something akin to the 140-foot tall, 110-unit building slated for Ashland & Division— the product of neighborhood agitation. Maybe it'll get pushed to five or six stories, but probably not more. It wouldn't be too hard to tack on floors to the existing design. And how about that Starbucks? If the rendering is in earnest, this will be the only store between locations at Milwaukee & Damen and California & Logan. In other words, let the colonization begin.
·Application for Zoning Amendment [City Clerk via Skyscraper Page]