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Starchitects Get Behind Old Prentice

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Is this what Old Prentice needed all along? The support of architecture's household names? It's still wait and see, but it can't hurt that Frank Gehry, Jeanne Gang, Dirk Lohan, David Brininstool, Dirk Denison, and about 60 more architects, educators, and preservationists signed on to a letter to Rahm Emanuel calling for the rescue of Bertrand Goldberg's imperiled masterpiece. So far, various preservation calls have fallen on the unsympathetic ears of Northwestern University. The city tabled a landmark vote a while ago, and this powerful statement hopes to drive it home at a time when rumors of a decision are swirling. The letter's authors had this to say: "As members of the architecture community, we believe Goldberg's Prentice should be given a permanent place in Chicago's cityscape. A building this significant—this unique in the world—should be preserved and reused." [CItyscapes]