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Renovated 1890s North Center Rowhouse Puts The Pup First

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Doesn't everyone know to never let canines control your living space? Well, the owner of this new-to-market renovated rowhouse went ahead and installed an army of them in the entryway. We mean the wallpaper of course, so any harm done is probably less detrimental to the ecosystem. What's funny is that you'd expect a doggy theme—having been greeted by them—but one never materializes. Too bad, that would've really given us serious ammunition. There is a large baby portrait (hopefully not a stranger's) on the living room wall. We get it: with dogs and babies on the walls, it's as if a forcefield of cuddliness has been placed between you and the world.

Overall, we like this place. It's got a host of cool light fixtures, smart furnishings, decadent bathrooms, vintage details, and a back deck & yard. All told there's 2,500 square feet, three bedrooms, and three baths. The sellers spruced it up somewhat after purchasing the place in 2010 for $516K. The new asking price is $660K. Reasonable? We'll leave it to you to decide.
·Listing: 1924 W Oakdale Ave. [Koenig & Strey]