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What's On The Market Right Now In Fulton River District?

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Aloha! We're at it again with our on-the-market-by-neighborhood thingy. We haven't given all that much play to the Fulton River District, so that consideration steered us to the small neighborhood sandwiched between the river and the Kennedy, from Lake north to Ohio. The listings coming out of this area can be monotonous: one-bed condos; two-bed condos; the occasional townhome; most with river and city views and generous building amenities. Not that any of that is bad. While the area is growing (i.e. K2 and the impending River Point tower), has basic services, more and more of a restaurant and club scene, and fair transit connections, it still feels a little forgotten and distant compared with showier peers the West Loop and River North. Consequently, there's some solid deals to be had on newer, sizable spaces. Going with the staycation this year? Why not spend a half day in Fulton River District (a full one might be too much)?

Listing: 226 N Clinton Apt. 110
The Ask: $220,000
The Skinny: Here's a respectable loft starter home, only coming in at 880 sf, but blessed with 15' ceilings. It's a first floor pad, with lots of exposed brick and timber, jumbo arched windows, hardwood floors, in-unit laundry, and a fireplace. The building adds a fitness center and patio garden. Not too shabby for $220K.

Listing: 333 N Canal St. Apt. 3604
The Ask: $879,000
The Skinny: Our priciest pick, this 2,600 sf high-floor 3-bed at RiverBend has a large balcony, floor-to-ceiling windows, a master bed w/ his and hers "custom" closets, and loads of building amenities. But Curbed, will they throw in the grand piano? We haven't checked, but we're going with no.

Listing: 345 N Canal St. Apt. 907
The Ask: $230,000
The Skinny: A large one-bed in the strange and venerable Fulton House—a converted 100-year-old cold storage facility right on the river—this ninth floor condo has over 1,000 sf, a large master suite w/ walk-in closet, riverfront balcony, and those goofy barreled ceilings. It's not as sharp looking as this other building unit, but it's really affordable for the area.

Listing: 460 N Canal St.
The Ask: $849,000
The Skinny: This "one of a kind end unit" is more-or-less a gated townhome on the river. Even though its rooftop deck and garden space are only three stories above the street, it's not suffocated by the nearby stand of highrises, and actually has some monstrous views. There's three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, an office, top-floor wet bar, and large common rooms.

Listing: 461 N Green St. Unit 4N
The Ask: $415,000
The Skinny: A 2/2.5 duplex-up penthouse with walnut floors, 10' ceilings, lots of closets, balcony, built-in wine cooler, jacuzzi, and vaulted upper level. And we mustn't forget the accents of "subway tile" in the kitchen backsplash. Gee, that's even better than decorating with stolen pylons.