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Target Experiments With Beauty Advisors; Axis of Evelyn's Culture Hub; Branca's Insane Closing Sale

...And now the latest from Chicago's best retail blog, your source for the in-the-know scoop on all things you can buy from the sidewalks up, Racked Chicago's most stylish stories of the week.

CHICAGO - Leading up to the opening of CityTarget, this week in 28 stores in and around Chicago, Target launched the Target Beauty Concierge program. This pilot effort could eventually spread to 450 stores nationwide and possibly Canada. We've also come across a Craigslist posting for a Boots Beauty Advisor within a North Side Target store.

Artist, stylist and purveyor of fine vintage curations, Evelyn Daitchman who also owns Axis of Evelyn has opened a gigantic space called Open Secret Studios. This West Side space will be used and shared to inspire the artistic communities. As she tells us, "The space will evolve the creative mind", and we've got the first look inside.

GOLD COAST - Racked 38 Member, the one and only luxury design showroom on Pearson, Branca, is closing. You may remember, owner, Alessandra Branca is in the process of a major expansion and in preparation for her next store, is having a #CRAZYTIME #SALE.

GOLD COAST - Put on your sad face and say goodbye to Betsey Johnson. This Saturday at the end of the day, Betsey Johnson in Water Tower Place is closing for good. There's not too much left to shop, but there is a tinsel Christmas Tree. It's 50% off.