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Neighbor Beefs

A sizable number of Woodlawn residents aren't razzled and dazzled by the city-led Grove Parc redevelopment plan. They're especially down on the new phase of off-site subsidized housing that'll "concentrate 51 HUD project-based HCV units in blighted sections of our neighborhood", according to a recently launched petition to halt the project. Dubbed 'Woodlawn Park', the overall project will reposition 420 rental units, many of them section 8 or somewhat subsidized. Never mind that they've been rendered in bright, uplifting fashion, with new space for retail— a lot of residents, particularly homeowners, can't see how more affordable housing will help a desperately poor and violent neighborhood. So now, folks are taking the fight to the city and to developer Preservation of Affordable Housing Inc.. Read more about it on the blog I Hate My Developer. [Chicago Now, previously]